Wedding and Anniversary Flowers

Elegant Wedding and Anniversary Flowers and their Significance

Wedding and anniversaries are meant to be celebrated and what better way than by gifting a bunch of colourful flowers .These days you can get fresh cut flowers or purchase them in wholesale, they make great wedding and anniversary flowers.

Did you know there is a specific anniversary flowers for each year? You can either buy from a local flower vendor or a better option would be to purchase them from Rosenerds and get free fedex shipping and order them online taking advantage of our wholesale wedding flower pricing and have them to delivered to your parents/friends home. Following is the significance of each flower for each anniversary year:

  • 1st anniversary: carnations which signify ties of lasting vows and commitment for future years.
  • 2nd anniversary: lily of the valleys signifies the purity of the relationship with modesty and devotion –a symbol of love.
  • 3rd anniversary: sunflowers represent the bonds which indicate strength and warmth which is shown in loyalty and fidelity.
  • 4Th anniversary: Hydrangea signifies a message of gratefulness and appreciation.
  • 5th anniversary: Daisies symbolising innocence and gentleness of the relationship
  • 6TH anniversary: Calla Lilies symbolising growth and beauty representing love and wisdom.
  • 7th anniversary: Freesia representing trust and faithfulness.
  • 8TH anniversary: Lilacs symbolising the fond memories of the first emotions together
  • 9th anniversary: Bird of Paradise for all its significance and finery.
  • 10th anniversary: Yellow Daffodils for its simplicity and the years spent together
  • 11th anniversary: Tulip for deep passion love and emotion.
  • 12th anniversary: Peony for fortune of happy relationship
  • 13th anniversary: Chrysanthemum for abundance in love.
  • 14th anniversary: Orchids for the understanding of mature charm and love.
  • 15th anniversary: Rose, the most beautiful flower for its perfection and beauty of two individuals.
  • 20th anniversary: Aster signify wisdom and good fortune.
  • 25th anniversary: Iris for faith and promise of everlasting togetherness.
  • 30th anniversary: Lily magnificence of pride beauty and devotion.
  • 40th anniversary: Gladioli because of its vibrancy and glory
  • 50th anniversary: Yellow roses and violets for they signify the celebration of virtue, happiness and faith.

Wedding and anniversary flowers will always be appreciated by your loved ones so whenever in doubt for perfect gift for their anniversary, buying wholesale roses and wholesale anniversary flowers from Rosenerds is always a good idea.