Gerbera Daisies | Flower Care

Once you receive your wholesale gerbera daisies, they may arrive looking thirsty or tired. This is completely normal. Did you know flowers experience jet lag too?

Just follow these simple steps, and your gerbera daisies will return to its gorgeous bloom, and ready for arranging.

From The Box

1. Flip the box upside down so that bottom is facing upwards. Cut any straps or tape that is binding the box and carefully lift the lid upwards.

If you open the box the other way around it's not a problem, but you may have more to clean up when you're done.

Other side of the box

2. Gently remove gerbera daisy stems out of the box in the same order that they are packed, in layers.

3. Prepare your water solution. Water in containers should be about 2-4 inches deep of fresh, room temperature water.

4. With a sharp knife, make a diagonal cut of about 1 inch from the base of the stem and place them immediately in water (scissors and pruners are allowed but not suggested). 

5. Leave the green support straws on the stems during hydration. If you prefer that your gerberas look straight up facing the sky, then push the green straw all the way up towards the flower head for extra support. 

If you want your gerberas  looking forward with a slight bent at the top of the stem, then slide the straw down a bit during hydration. 

6. Allow at least 3-4 hours for gerbera daisies to hydrate in a room temperature environment.  

7. Change water every 48 hours, or until cloudy, and re-cut the stems about 1 inch from the base for freshness. 

We suggest hydrating gerberas with the cups on. Leave cups on gerberas daisies until stems are ready to be arranged.

Keep gerbera daisies away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

And avoid wet flower heads. Gerberas do not like to be sprayed with water on top.

Removing Cups

Protective Perforated Cups are designed to protect the heads of the Gerberas. It features a laser-perforated seam on both ends of the cup to ensure simple and effortless removal.

1. Locate the perforated edge on either side of the plastic cup.

2. Firmly grab the bottom of the plastic cup with your index finger and thumb on each side of the plastic cup.

3. Carefully pull ends apart as the cup tears along the perforated edge. Properly discard plastic wrapping.