Carnation | Flower Care

Once you receive your wholesale carnations, they may arrive looking thirsty or tired. This is completely normal. Did you know flowers experience jet lag too?

Just follow these simple steps, and your carnations will return to its gorgeous bloom, and ready for arranging. 

1. Gently remove carnations from the box by cutting any straps and removing top paper covering flowers.

2. Fill several containers with at least 4 inches of fresh, cool water. 

3. Keep the plastic covering on the carnations while they hydrate for at least 8 to 12 hours. 

Tip: It's recommended, but not required to add floral food, such as Chrysal to prevent bacteria from growing in the water and to add nutrients to the flowers, thus extending its vase life. Flower food may be purchased at any local retailer.

4. Remove any foliage, leaves that are exposed directly to water inside the vase. Any leaves left inside water will mold and shorten your carnation's vase life.

5. Using sharp scissors or a knife (under running water, preferred) cut the stems diagonally about one inch from the bottom of them stem. Place stems in the fresh, cool water container.  

6. Change water every 24-48 hours, or when the water becomes cloudy in order to keep carnations fresh. Make sure your flowers have sufficient amounts of water as they will arrive very thirsty.

7. Once you're ready to arrange them, then you may carefully remove the plastic covering and cut off the rubber bands. 

Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat. 

Reminder: Exposing flowers to warm environments, indoors or outdoors, will help carnations to bloom, and storing your Carnation flowers in a cooler environment will slow down the opening process.

Carnation Tip: If your carnation blooms aren't looking puffy enough, lightly blow on the carnation head and allow the light air to widen the petals, making them look fuller.