Fun, Kid-Friendly Activities with Flowers

Now that we're well into the new school year, we're sure some of you parents and teachers are looking for new, kid-friendly projects to help keep them busy, and away from the television. 
Flowers are a fun way to get children to do different art projects and to bring out their inner creative side. Which is why we put together this list of fun activities for you to do with your young ones at home or in a classroom. 
How to Make Rainbow Roses
How to Make Rainbow Roses
Now we know we can just buy rainbow roses and avoid spending the time making them ourselves, but where's the fun in that?
Children will love turning their own white roses into a colorful masterpiece with this simple tutorial found on Natural Garden Ideas
Color Changing Carnations 
Color Changing Carnations
As a Rose Nerd, we love fun science experiments with flowers. And this one, is fun enough for the whole family. 
Color changing carnations is an experiment where you try to determine which food coloring will change white carnations the best, and the worst. Help them develop their own hypothesis, and then record the results. 
For school projects, simply apply the scientific method and follow the tutorial found on Paint Cut Paste
Make a Glowing Flower 
With Halloween right around the corner, this glow in the dark flower experiment is definitely worth trying. And we would suggest supervising. There's different ways to achieve this effect, so head on over to to learn how. 
Bi-Color Daisies
How to Dye Flowers with Two Colors
Bi-Color Daisies are very similar to Rainbow Roses, except instead of cutting white daisy stems lengthwise to create four stems, you only make two. We're pretty sure you can still make rainbow daisies using this method. But, perhaps, you should experiment on it and let us know how it goes. Tutorial for bi-color daisies can be found at Artful Parent
We hope these activities inspire you and your young ones to do more with flowers. Please send us any flower experiments of your own or tag us on social media. 

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