2016 Floral Design Trend: "Sorbet"

The 2016 floral design trends will be released October 1st, but thanks to Jet Fresh Flower Distributors who attended the SAF Annual Convention, we have the exclusive preview for what's in style for the upcoming year, starting with the delicious "Sorbet." 


Sorbet is a fun, playful floral design that thrives on saturated and pastel colors, natural and earthy display elements, and color blocking for accents and contrasting. For the person who prefers geometric shapes, or rough and industrial textures, this style is also for you. 

Small mono-floral arrangements are very popular in sorbet. They achieve the look of color blocking by isolating accent flower colors and contrasting them with different style vessels, or vases. In this case, blue hydrangea complements the sorbet look perfectly resting in a natural cork brown vase. 
Consider using blue hydrangea when opting for the sorbet look. Each stem has one large bloom that's big enough to fill a single vase making them really easy to arrange. Order a wholesale box and you'll have enough for the entire event. 
White Geometric Patterns 
(Living with White) 
With 3-D printing growing at a fast rate, we're seeing plenty of geometric pieces in our everyday decor. So you can expect to see a lot more geometric vases on the reception tables for 2016.  
Pair this vase with vibrant color flowers to stand out; and even consider the mono-floral look with either carnations, roses or hydrangea so that the white geometric pattern is still a focal.
(Green Wedding Shoes)
Cement vases are also a nice addition to achieve a more unpolished, industrial look. Include vibrant colored flowers to make this centerpiece stand out. 
Ceramic & Color Blocking
Or, if you're looking for more color out of your centerpieces, pastel painted ceramic vases can either can done in solids, or color-blocked as shown above. Slender vases pair well with gerbera daisies for their long, skinny stems and large blooms. 
Wood & Tree Bark Accents
(Megan Brooke Handmade Blog)
(Happy Wedd)
Moving along from the industrial side of sorbet, this floral design also implements wooden elements in their centerpieces. Whether it be a wooden crate, or an actual tree bark, these textures will also be popular for 2016. 
Have fun with the use of greens, and even consider adding succulents and dusty miller for that pastel green, while still feeling earthy. 
For more Sorbet inspiration, check out our Pinterest board

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