Friday Flower Tip: Cut Flowers Under Running Water

This Friday Flower Tip is one that not everyone may have known about, but they should.

We've all heard that stems should be trimmed, and cut diagonally before placing into water. But have you ever heard of cutting them under running water?

Cutting stems at an angle exposes a larger area of the stem for water intake, so they hydrate faster. A good thing. 

However, if you don't cut the stem under running water, then you run the risk of air bubbles forming inside the stem which will cause the flowers to wilt and die. Once air pockets reach the top of the stem, the heads will eventually fall. 

To put it simply, trimming stems is like giving your flowers a fresh start--like a haircut for split ends. And just like a good head of hair, flowers need maintenance.

If you just re-cut your stems and change the water at least every 48 hours, you can increase the lifespan of your flowers by even a few days.


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